My Style: Geometric + Neon

I haven't shopped at Nordstrom Rack in years, but that might just change. I saw this shirt and fell in love. Though I hate the high-low or mullet style (as I like to call it), I figured I would let that go because the pattern is so worth it. I paired the tee with my new favorite pair of pants. Rag & Bone jeggings. Wow, as I type I just realized how bad this all sounds. Mullet shirts AND jeggings in the same post? I'm even judging myself right now. But for real, these pants are literally the softest things I have ever felt.

And those pumps? A $14 Nordstrom Rack purchase that has now become my go-to shoe for basically any outfit and any occasion. If you wanted to describe me in a shoe, this would be it.


This Look: Tee: Nordstrom Rack | Pants: Rag & Bone | Necklace: H&M | Heels: Similar (Amazing $14 find) | Handbag: Vince Camuto from Nordstrom

Photography: Hannah Suh

Hot Chocolate Party

This is the perfect addition to your next fall get together. A hot chocolate bar! When I saw that there was such thing as "Fine Hot Chocolate" I was equal parts intrigued and excited. 

Ticket Chocolate offers a huge variety of gourmet chocolate flavors on a stick. Just stir in a cup of steamed milk and you've got yourself some of the best hot cocoa to give your guests. How is that not the perfect treat for your next bash? 

THE SETUP: Steamed Milk in cute pitchers: Anthropologie | Confetti Coffee Mugs: West Elm | Hot Chocolate on a Stick: Ticket Chocolate | Marshmallows: Ticket Chocolate | Signage: Bright Room Studio | Photography: Lili Durkin Photography


And. Now. This.

And Now This is a culmination, a follow up, and a response to failures and successes. It is more me than I've ever been. It means more to me than anything I've ever done. It is real life. It is, in many ways the finale, and yet it is just the beginning.


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It is a place to peel back the curtain on inspiration and take a closer look. It is about learning from the stories of those 4-year-over-night-successes, not comparing yourself to them. It is a place for growth and conversation but not for judgement. It is about going for it without letting your better judgement get in the way.

"And Now This" means just what it sounds like, which is why is the perfect name for this venture. It is open ended, it is anything, it is everything. It is about new stages, new starts, new chapters. It is about moving on and moving forward. It isn't a niche, it isn't a topic, it is real life. That beautiful real life. It is about success, and growth, and learning, and inspiring  your everyday life.

So here we are. The beginning. Here's to new chapters. To starting something. To using your failures as the stepping stones to your next success.

Here's to going for it.