2018 Goals + Resolutions

I may be the rare breed who not only likes resolutions, but completes most of them yearly. I use this list as a chance to bring focus throughout the year, when the day-to-day takes over, to remind myself of the longer term goals and focus. 


My process involves looking back at my 2017 resolutions and reading  what I wrote about how I felt and where I was. Once I have gained some insight from the past, I look forward.  I have a long list of questions I ask myself about how I feel now, my focus and specifics like "How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don't want" and "What are my long term dreams for the future?". I do some visualizations and journal about much of this to spend the necessary amount of time to try to get a full picture.

After all this, I finally write my list of 2018 resolutions. Once I have a list I feel comfortable with, I create bullet points underneath stating the reasons WHY this is important this year, as well as specific numbers and action items to define what success means for each.


  • My personal goal for 2018: Equanimity. Focus on what i do have, not what I don’t. My work this year is all about bringing my mind back from the terror. It is a constant practice. Be fierce about it, there is no other choice. 
  • Create a daily list of 3 things I have.
  • Build habits that put space between the instantaneous need/get stimulation (online shopping - specifically Amazon, iPhone notification checking, etc).
  • Focus on lowering my phone time week over week. Less time on FB + Instagram (measured via spreadsheet)
  • Take more “for the archives” photos. People, places, groups, etc. 
  • Take a solo trip/go on a retreat/conference or something that speaks to me for my own personal growth.
  • Mentally prepare for all trips, outings, anything that makes me feel anxious or uncomfortable. 
  • Go through all 4 cooking Master Classes. Continue exploring in the kitchen + learning. Maybe start practicing plating?!
  • Keep my immediate and personal spaces decluttered.
  • Work on something that is deeply meaningful to me, either as a side project or (cross fingers) full time.
  • Continue my meditation and journaling practice.