2019 Resolutions

I’m all about those resolutions. Every year I’ll write out a list of about 10-15 things in January and cross them off before the end of the year. Most of them are focused on topics, but some are experiences. Based on some recent

First of all, I decided to theme a quarter - Q1 was all about building the foundation. Things were a bit influx, so I wanted to take the time to reset, gather myself and set the foundation for a great year. The list included:

  • Be complicit in creating the conditions of the life I want

    • Be direct and ask for what I want/need

    • Know and show my value. Don’t diminish my own abilities.

    • Make decisions based on expansion and not fear or comparison.

    • Stay in your own lane - it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing

  • Love the space around me

    • Use the things I own

    • Buy and own things intentionally

    • Clear out my space

    • Sell things I no longer have a need for

  • Learn as much as possible from other people

    • Find a sense of purpose and direction with my work

    • Start exploring something on the side

    • Find an advisor and coach

  • Continue creating good habits with food

    • Eat more vegetables at every meal

    • Drink a gallon of water a day

    • Handstands, Pull up, splits, stretching, spin, outdoor cycling, yoga, weights, run a mile. Mix it all up!

    • Start working with a hormone / gut doctor

Q2 is themed “communication”. This is a broad area that I haven’t quite flushed out yet but I’m including: written, verbal, public speaking, small talk, negotiation, empathy and listening. The overarching goal is to get comfortable speaking up and having a voice.

I’m currently reading “It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work” by Jason Fried and DHH. I have so many thoughts and notes to share, but I’ll keep it to one for the moment - They talked about not planning too far ahead, doing everything in sprints of about 6 weeks. This idea of loosening things up and doing things in 3 month sprints, then moving to the next thing allows me to keep focus and deepen one trait before taking on something else. 8 weeks into the year, so far, so good. Let’s see what the next 6 or 8 weeks brings about!

I change up the focus and the goals every few weeks which allows for flexibility. The idea of “sprints” vs. year long planning opened up a world for me. I don’t have to think about everything at once, I’ll continue to evolve at the year does.

With this framework in mind, I recently read an article which sparked another prompt that got me thinking: “Absolute goals are those that if done consistently, you would likely see your skillset or life change in a material way. If you did that activity continuously for a year, would your life be any different?”

Thinking in terms of absolute goals, these are the driving forces for the year.

  • Focus on learning: Learn as much as I can from every situation (Q1)

  • Physical challenges: Handstand, Pull Up, Splits (Q1)

  • Eat more vegetables, drink more water - keep it simple. (Q1)

  • Focus on savings. (Q1)

  • Learn Swift - build one app on my own (Q1)

  • Deepen relationships - Spend time with people I like (Q1)

  • Communication - written, verbal, understanding more. This will enable me to trust myself and speak up more (Q2)

  • Anxiety / Self: Manage the anxiety, comparison, perfection, judgement and criticism. (Q3)