Daily Practice

I’ve been writing myself thought emails for about 10 years. I never found a good place to journal, so my inbox became that thing. Some are long, some are just a thought or two. They were free form for several years, until I found a few journal prompts that resonated. I put them in an email, used FollowUpThen to send it to myself every morning at 6am with the subject “Daily Practice” and i’ve been responding to those questions almost daily since. The questions have shifted as things change in my life, but here are a few past questions I’ve used:

  • Gratitude and appreciation: Name 2 things that happened yesterday that you are grateful for or really appreciate, and why.

  • Name something you accomplished yesterday

  • What are you feeling proud of this week?

  • Where do you need to show up today?

  • What mantra or quote do you need to be reminded of today?

  • Name 2 things you are looking forward to today

  • What practice are you focusing on today?

  • Name a longer term goal you are working toward right now..

This practice has given me a place to check-in and offered helpful (generally more positive) prompts when I wasn’t free writing as often. I now have over 850 emails in a folder, which I will sometimes look back on and remember just how far I’ve come in these past 10 years.

After combing through the questions a bit, I’ve settled on just 4 that feel right for me in this moment. My hope is that I’ll free write a bit more often, but these prompts help me shift my mindset to the more positive feelings I’m seeking more often.

  • Name 2 things you are grateful for / really appreciate, and why. 

  • What has inspired you recently? 

  • What is giving you energy? 

  • Anything else you want to get off your chest?

As a 2019 project, I’m learning Swift and hoping to turn Daily Practice into a simple app that I can use instead!