House Update: The Living Room

I don't consider myself design-challenged, until I step into my house. I know what I like, but in my experience sometimes heading outside your comfort zone can prove to be a good thing. So I start to question my instincts and everything I thought I knew heads out the window!

I know what I want the end result to be, but getting there is a whole different story! Though there are endless options, finding something that is just right is basically impossible.

I'm quick to make decisions, which has sometimes been the problem. I start to get impatient and want it all to be complete!

And then there is the situation of not owning the house we are living in. And not only do I not own it, I doubt I'll ever live in something so design-challenged ever again (super long and narrow. Damn you beautiful old San Francisco victorian homes). So do I invest in good pieces that then won't work next time around?!

I'm starting with the living room. We have never really had a very good/comfortable living room and I'm on a mission to change that! This is the "before". I'm the first to judge it, don't worry.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Furniture-wise, here is the low down:

Leather chair: keeping and keeping in the same spot. I'll likely put an end table next to it and a big plant in the corner. TV: I love the location of the TV symmetrically, but it is a tiny bit too high. If we move it, we will move it to where one of the bookshelves is, which will throw off the whole look I was going for. But that is ok. Comfort over design. I must remember that. Bookshelves: Right now the bookshelves are too full. I'll figure that out one we decide what we are doing with the TV. Couch: Oh man oh man, I'm ready for a new couch ASAP. The color is my major problem with it. I want something white (ivory). Although maybe grey, blue, or TEAL, would be cool? I don't know. Husband is being really picky on this one. Wants a chaise badly (and so do I) but I just don't see how our living room can even close to fit one?! So I don't know. Rug: I like this rug but it is a little too big for the space (and it is only a 5x8!!! See my problem?!). It won't be hard to put somewhere else. I just ordered two runners that I wanted to try. One is a black + white print and the other is a navajo pink pattern. Trying to figure out if I should keep the big pieces neutral or throw in some color for a statement. We will see when I try them both out! Coffee Table: As you can see, we don't have one. And there isn't much room for one either. I'm planning on getting a tufted ottoman style. This might help alleviate the whole chaise debacle (in the couch section).

I'm starting with a couch. I really want to try every single couch in the whole world before making a decision, but alas, that can't happen. I've narrowed it down to three (although I'm still constantly looking for others to throw into the hat).

I've been loving the Bernhardt Morris Sofa for a long long time. Part of me worries about it going out of style, not being modern enough for the space, etc. I freaking love it though. I haven't sat in it, but it is just so beautiful!


N6387pin it

I stumbled upon the Jonathan Adler Malibu while in Portland. We sat in it and I loved it. It was soft and comfy, but it was a little low to the ground. This is something I'd like to avoid, but it is pretty and comfy, so it stays in the running.

malibu_sofaThis True Modern Luna sofa was a find from Simply Grove. She has it and it looks amazing in her space (obvi, since she is an interior designer). It is comfortable but might be a little too modern for the space (and for me)? I would get it in Ivory.

Then there is always this! 8d1cabf94e9380696d03ca09a63da64f

This is where things stand. I'm going a little crazy thinking all of this through in my mind, so I'm glad to have some organized thoughts written down here.